Donna vonBeasley (zenzic) wrote,
Donna vonBeasley

These are still cluttering up my jewelry box...

DOES ANYONE HAVE SOMETHING SIMILAR TO THIS? It's 1/2" and made out of horn..

SELLING 12mm, 1/2", and 9/16" Plugs and tunnels. I'm still raising funds for my 5/8" collection!

LOOKING FOR 1/2" HORN EARRING REPLACEMENT I lost one of these awhile back, and I really miss being able to wear them. I know it's a longshot.. but does anyone have one lying around that they want to sell? Or does anyone know where I could find something similar? I'm at 5/8" but I can wear them through earskins. Even if you have a pair of something similar, let me know. I would consider just getting a whole new pair.


12mm Coconut Wood Plugs DF. These measure 7/16" from end to end. I bought them under the impression they were 1/2", but when I put them in I quickly found out they weren't. I was always worried about them falling out, so they haven't been worn too much. $8 for the pair, shipped.

NEW Single 1/2" Screw-on Surgical Steel Tunnel. I used to work for a body jewelry shop, and I found this in the "One Left" bin. I really liked the wider edge on this one, so I bought it, hoping one day we would get some more in just like it. That day never came and I don't have that job anymore, so I think it's time I did something with it. It has never been worn. $5, shipped.

1/2" SF Black Glass Catseye Plugs These have been worn a few times. They have a bit of a rounded end, so you can really see the cool catseye effect thats usually lost on flat ended ones. They measure 9/16" from end to end. I don't have any o-rings to send with these. If you really need them, I could probably go out and buy a few to send. Let me know if you need them! $10, shipped.

1/2" SF Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnels. These ones have been worn. They're still in great condition, no scratches or dents anywhere. O-rings included! $12 for the pair, shipped.

9/16" Unblemished Baby Blue Original Kaos Eyelets. These are the original eyelets Kaos put out, with the rounded front flare and the flat back flare. They have 3/8" wearable area. I don't really like the color, so they haven't been worn too often. They're still in very good shape. $15 for the pair, shipped.

Everything is negotiable, I'm just raising money for my 5/8" collection. If you've got something in 5/8" you'd like to trade for anything here, I'll definetely condsider it. I'd also condsider trades for 0g stuff, preferably something new or autoclavable. My boyfriend is a little wary of buying used stuff. All prices are in USD. I accept paypal, money orders, etc, although I prefer paypal.. I'm still pretty new to buying and selling online. So, if you're looking for any feedback I've gotten, I have an ebay account you can check out, Ubaldo42. I think I have a couple positive feedbacks for things I've bought. I've sent a few things out that I sold on my last post, but I don't know if they've received them yet.

For anyone in Winnipeg, MB, I don't mind meeting up to deliver the plugs. We can work out a better deal as well, if I don't have to ship them, then I'm not going to make you pay for it :)

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~ Donna ~

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